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Flexible Rental Terms

Redstreak offers short-term and long-term rental of its specialized Hospital Cars to customers needing to move damaged railcars on a short-term or long-term basis. Redstreak also provides logistics services to ensure its customers get the most out the cars during their rental.

Service support and disposition is available on a 24 hour 365 day basis. Redstreak can have a specialized Hospital Car on its way to you immediately. Contact Redstreak

Safe & Efficient

Redstreak railcars provide a safe, cost effective alternative to using ordinary railcar flats or highway transport to move wrecked railcars. Loading damaged railcars on ordinary railcar flats or over-the-road trailers requires hours of expensive labor and a high risk of injury. Loading Redstreak railcars is safe, fast and easy.

Each Redstreak railcars offers:

  • Adjustable bolsters
  • Truck cradles
  • Heavy-duty chains
  • D-ring chain tie downs
  • Blocking systems
  • Low (31") deck height
  • Long decks (89) keeping a railcar and its trucks together